Photo Gallery
 The September 11 Attack on the Pentagon  
Pentagon damaged by an aircraft

At the still-burning impact site, damage caused by the aircraft’s left wing and vertical stabilizer is visible before the collapse.

The plane’s left wing caused severe damage on the ground floor up to column 8.

The portion of the hole on the second floor is indicated at column line 14.

After misidentifying the second floor portion of the hole as the entire hole (from 22:22 to 22:32 of the video), Loose Change then misidentifies the left portion of the hole, above the burning white car – which is clearly on the ground level – as the entire hole (from 22:53 to 22:57).

Thus, Loose Change mistakes two different portions of the hole for the entire hole, not even noticing they are on different floors. Because the video shows the photographs only briefly, a casual viewer is not likely to notice these errors, but they are obvious if one stops the video and compares the different images.

The building section collapsed at the expansion joint at column line 11. (© AP Images/image enhancement by Pentagon Building Performance Study Team)