Photo Gallery
 The September 11 Attack on the Pentagon  
Section of Pentagon damaged by an aircraft

Foam spray from a fire truck obscures the first floor impact damage in a photograph taken before the collapse. The portion of the hole on the second floor, caused by the plane’s vertical stabilizer, is visible above the foam spray.

Loose Change uses this photograph as “evidence” for its false claim (at 22:47 of the video) that “the only damage to the outer wall” of the Pentagon is a hole it describes (at 22:02) as “no more than 16 feet [five meters] in diameter.” This mistakes the portion of the hole on the second floor for the entire hole.

Loose Change asks “why is there no damage from where the wings, the vertical stabilizer, or the engines would have slammed into the building?”

The answer is simple. The wings and engines damaged the ground floor, which is not visible in this photograph.

Just before striking the building, the plane’s right wing hit a large portable generator, which is shown burning on the right. Image 9 provides a more detailed view. (U.S. Marine Corps)