Photo Gallery
 The September 11 Attack on the Pentagon  
Firefighters battle the blaze at the Pentagon

Firefighters battle the blaze at the Pentagon. Behind them, the impact area damaged by the aircraft’s right wing is clearly visible.

The area of greatest damage on the ground floor extended from exterior columns 8 to 18. Columns 15, 16, and 17 were severely displaced by the impact of the plane’s right wing.

Loose Change shows this photograph, without the annotations (from 21:50 to 21:57 and 22:46 to 22:52 of the video), but does not note the obvious damage to the ground floor. (All time and text references are to Loose Change Second Edition Recut, viewed in March 2007.)

The fuselage hit at around column line 14, where flames appear. Part of the hole on the second floor is visible above these flames. In the upper left of the photo, the façade has slipped downward, where the building section later collapsed.

The “step” pattern in the damage to the façade between columns 18 and 19 provides a marker in other photographs. (U.S. Marine Corps/image enhancement by Pentagon Building Performance Study Team)