Photo Gallery
 The September 11 Attack on the Pentagon  
A military engineer surveys the damage

A military engineer surveys damage to the inner portion of the Pentagon.

Aircraft debris created this exit hole in the outer wall of the building’s C Ring. A wheel from the plane’s landing gear is visible to the right of the worker.

Ironically, French conspiracy theorist Thierry Meyssan used this photograph on the cover of his book Pentagate, which claimed that no plane hit the Pentagon.

As supposed evidence for its mistaken missile theory, Loose Change inaccurately claims (at 22:17) that the aircraft debris in the Pentagon attack would have had to “pass through nine feet [three meters] of steel-reinforced concrete” – an unlikely occurrence. It obtained this figure by counting two outer walls each for the Pentagon’s E Ring, D Ring, and C Ring.

But, as acknowledged even by other conspiracy theorists, no outer walls separate the C, D and E rings on the Pentagon’s lower two levels. The plane penetrated only two outside walls – the Pentagon’s exterior wall and the inner wall of the C Ring. (DoD)