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 African Health, Education Emphasis of Laura Bush Trip  
Laura Bush distributes a home care kit

Laura Bush distributes a home care kit at the Mututa Memorial Center in Lusaka, Zambia, June 28.

The center, through a trained network of volunteers, provides home-based care for AIDS patients, orphans and vulnerable children. Its community garden generates income and food for participants. The center educates about HIV/AIDS and prevention. The center is funded through a consortium of faith-based groups led by World Vision.

The first lady also saw Chereso Ministries, a PEPFAR-funded program providing HIV counseling, testing and support for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Center for Disease Control implements anti-retroviral therapy services at 15 locations in Lusaka through AIDSRelief, a constoritum led by Catholic Relief Services. (White House/Shealah Craighead)